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The Future is 3D: Introducing the 3D Printing Pen
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What is a 3D Printing Pen?
You’ll never draw the same way again.
Every person, at some point in their lives, might have considered pursuing an artistic endeavor. Whether it’s music, film, or the visual arts, there’s something alluring about the creating something. And with an increasing interest in the arts nowadays, it’s no surprise there has been new tech innovations that cater to this need.
Creating models, for instance, have become a commonplace practice in the field of design. It can be quite frustrating, however, to transfer concepts from paper to solid objects, especially when trying to translate flat line illustrations into a concrete creation. Fortunately, with the rise of 3D pens, this makes the process much easier. But what are they exactly, and how do they work? We’re here to give you a quick lowdown on them so you can find the best 3D pen for you.
1. They are relatively new

As novel a creation as they are, it’s not surprising that the first 3D pens came out in 2013, in the form of the 3Doodler, still considered the (if not one of) best 3D pen in the market. Its selling point – echoing the allure 3D pens would have in the following years – was the ability to draw on air, perceived as a faster way to create models directly, rather than just sketching them and creating the model after.
2. They are a combination of a pen and a 3D printer

Another way to look at 3D pens is to see them as a 3D printer in pen form. 3D printers work, according to, by an “additive process,” where “successive layers of material” are laid down until “the object is created.” In the case of the 3D printing pen, the material is mostly plastic, and the shape of the object is determined by your hand strokes. That said, the best 3D pen for you is something compatible with your normal hand movements, so keep that in mind when making a purchase.
3. They work like a glue gun
In terms of how they work, you can view a 3D pen like a glue gun: you load the plastic stick into the body, and upon heating, you press a button as you would a glue gun to release the plastic “ink.” Unlike a glue gun, however, a 3D pen is much more flexible in its output, with the best 3D pen being able to draw the smallest of designs.
Make A Diamond By Using 3D Pen : Tutorial
FAQs: Best 3D Pen 2018
Do I need a new pen if I want to make smaller designs? Or can I just replace the nib?
Since the thickness depends on how long you hold the button before proceeding, you can just buy a pen with a small enough nib and proceed to thicken your lines accordingly.
How do I know what the best 3D pen is for me?
You’ll need to assess what you want in a pen, often by evaluating how you do your art. A good rule of thumb is if you’re a beginner, the more features it has for ease of use, the better. Source:
Will the heat be an issue?
If you get newer models, not really, since they usually have safety features installed. You might have to double-check with the supplier, however.
Do all pens come with stands?
Unfortunately no; it differs from unit to unit.